Bec - Thank you so much for all the work you've done on creating the automations for my new website.  You've gone above and beyond what I was expecting - and I was expecting great things!

You wouldn't believe how much time and effort you have saved me by knowing exactly what I needed (especially when I didn't!).  

I felt completely comfortable working with you and really loved how simple you made the whole process. You are definitely the automation Queen - you know your stuff and you knew exactly how to help me know what I need to know about it too!

Thank you also for doing all the extra little things that weren't part of the original brief - your service is gold star standard.  Thanks again - I really do appreciate everything you've done for me to make my life and business run smoothly.


Founder of The Happiness Hive

Sometimes challenging, but always actionable, Bec’s advice has been instrumental to what I have achieved since I started working with her. Her expertise and guidance has been invaluable. In the last 6 months I have been able to move my art career forward in a way I didn’t think I had the confidence to do. And Bec has been there encouraging me every step of the way. It sounds corny, but working with Bec really has been such a wonderful investment in myself!


Tapestry Weaver and Artist at Lee Leibrandt Art

I honestly believe that people come into your life for reasons - good and bad. From the bottom of my heart I am so damn grateful that Bec McFarland came into my life. I knew from the moment I watched her do a talk on Imposter Syndrome that I needed her in my life. It took me a while to have the guts to book and to conclude that I was worthy of getting some extra help. And I’m not disappointed!! This woman has changed my life!!! No joking!! She holds me accountable to the person I’m meant to be not just the person I want to be. I’ve done just about every course or workshop that Bec has since launched and honestly when she speaks and suggests something - I listen, and I go and execute. Bec knows her stuff!! So if you keep seeing your bright colours and bubbly face and aren’t sure if you need another task on your action list - then you need to remove something off that list. WHY? Because you need Bec McFarland in your life.

Janita Lloyd

Independent Rodan + Fields Consultant

I was at a crossroads when I first came to Bec. I was feeling lost and confused about my purpose in life and where I wanted my career to go.

Bec helped me identify my goals, mapped out the future of my business and challenged me to step outside my comfort zone and deliver a 20 minute speech, to a room full of strangers about my journey.

Without Bec's support and guidance I would never have had the courage to step up and tell my story. The confidence and self belief that I gained from working with Bec has been invaluable, both socially and in business.


Dessert Artist at Ali King Cakes and Desserts

I approached Bec as a senior healthcare worker experiencing burnout, self-doubt and imposter syndrome among a few other life limiting beliefs that had me feeling “trapped” in my search for career/life fulfilment. Those limiting beliefs had me stuck in a situation where I felt the only answer was to either jump ship into a new career via study or to tackle my mindset and open the door to an array of possibilities.

After the first session of working with Bec, completing my DISC profile and my personality type I had a renewed understanding of why I was feeling disconnected. The DISC profile was me on a page, and it was extremely powerful to see the “professional” me and the “natural” me. Seeing the deviation from the natural me was a powerful motivator for me to seek balance in my work/life.

Bec’s knowledge, skills expertise and understanding helped me to understand who I was as a person, a partner, a professional and a manager. Bec’s is kind, authentic, curious and witty in her approach to coaching. I really valued Bec’s independent non biased opinion and her external perspective into my reality, providing real-time feedback and support showing me that I can believe in myself. I can create my own path and I am in control of my destiny – why not make it work for me.

Since working with Bec, I have been able to identify my true passion within my industry and I am currently working on developing my first website, setting up my first healthcare focused coaching business and I am extremely excited about my opportunities moving forward. Bec has been so generous with her time and her resources, helping me build a business from the ground up with no prior business experience, always available via a quick text to help me iron out small issues.

I would 100% recommend working with Bec, I am just about to sign up to more coaching with Bec to help me navigate my new career path and focus on my business development. Bill Gates says it best, everyone needs a coach – period, you will not regret it.

Liam Caswell

High Performance Nurse Coach at Liam Caswell

Bec has transformed the way I feel about my business and my place within it. I cannot thank her enough and would recommend her to anyone who feels they need a boot in their career or business. She's amazing!


Director at Dance Northside

I don’t really know where to start … I came across Bec’s ‘Canva Creations’ mini-course when someone recommended her work in another forum. It was the right time to revisit branding for me … and I couldn’t have made a better choice. Bec’s expert tool guidance and sharing of her own tips and tricks is a winning combo, within hours … I mean seriously, hours … I was able to transform my on-line imagery. I don’t even want to think about how much time I’ve spent faffing about with this stuff in the past, getting nowhere fast.

It was a no-brainer when Bec released the ‘Brand Beautiful’ mini-course … I didn’t have to think twice, I was all in! And I’m so glad I was. I’ve been working on branding for a while too … having realised that I’d been unconsciously getting in my own way … I trusted that when the time was right, that the right helper would appear. Confirmation for my business branding direction and the clarification I needed for my personal brand, were two major benefits that I took from this course. Having spent a lot of time and money on this previously, they alone more than paid for my investment.

Well… that’s a 100% hit rate so far. But that’s not all, the interaction and collaboration with the other ladies, all on the same journey, was the icing on the cake. Needless to say I’ve signed up for the ‘Let’s Get Social’ mini course too … I have no doubt it’s going to be amazing!

Bec, you’ve made ‘putting myself back out there’ in the on-line world much less daunting for me, thank you. I’m so grateful that you and your courses came along when they did and I wish you continued success in your international  business. I’d have no hesitation recommending you and your courses to others.


Coach at Beyond Your Belief Ltd.

I have hired and fired many brand designers over the years - they just didn’t get me, or my visionAs a result, I have been paralyzed to create a brand visual identity - until I discovered this amazing course, Brand Beautiful, hosted by Bec McFarland from Pop your Business.

Bec helped me hone down on aspects of my brand I’d never even thought about. She also provided so many resources and tricks. As usual, Bec overdelivered with this course, providing me with honest feedback and suggestions.

I am now the proud owner of my own visual brand identity, and I’m excited to release it to the world.


Chief Visual Story Teller at Tracey Murray Photography

I’ve just completed another training with the innovative and creative Bec McFarland from Pop Your Career. Bec is like a good wine, she just keeps getting better and better. I highly recommend doing her courses or signing up as a client. Bec has a big heart, quick wit, a keen intellect and is always full of clever ideas. Love working with her. It’s always fun and fulfilling experience.

Alyson Williams

Relationship Coach at Power Your Life Coaching

You'll be glad you found the marvellous Bec McFarland in Pop Your Business. In case you don't know her, Bec is fabulous to work with. She is full of great ideas, helpful hints and value packed programs. Add to that her vivacious, fun loving personality and it's a magic carpet ride!!! So glad that I found Bec, I've done all her recent courses and they have all been jam packed full of gold!

Alyson Williams

Relationship Coach at Power Your Life Coaching

Bec McFarland Pop Your Business is a wonderful caring soul, with so much knowledge behind her and in her business. Her courses are inviting and exciting, with a wealth of knowledge that will put you in the right head space to move forward in business.

I am so thankful every day that I have met Bec.


Independent Bra Fit Specialist

How have I been spending my time in ISO? By revamping my website to make it look even better than ever. I've been able to do it all myself thanks to the expert tuition from Bec McFarland from Pop Your Business.

Michelle Cochrane

Massage Therapist and Aromatherapist at Michelle Cochrane

Working with Bec has been an awesome experience! Three coaching sessions have been the best investment because they're the gift that keeps giving. On quite a few occasions Bec didn't tell me what I wanted to hear, but she told me what I needed to hear. She has helped me become visible in my business which was really missing before.

She's the hard truth giver and your most enthusiastic supporter. To explain that: Advice from friends and family is usually well meaning and encouraging, but often doesn't understand the reality of running a business. Bec will tell you straight what you need from a successful business lens. But she will also be your biggest supporter, your most avid advocate and encourage you to dream bigger for your business than you thought you could.

When you coach with Bec, having her in your corner feels like nothing is too tough to handle. There's a reason why Bec's clients just keep coming back - she's AWESOME!

Bonnie Weston

Business Support at The Avid Organiser