In today’s episode of Brave in Business Bec chats to Rita Merienne, whose goal is to equip the sandwich generation with the knowledge and skills to make emotionally healthy and physically healthy transitions to aged care for their loved ones. Rita is passionate about creating a community designed to fill the void in aged care and help people manage their caring responsibilities with more ease.

In this episode you’ll hear about:
– Rita’s deeply personal reason for creating her businesses centring around supporting the aged care sector
– how to market to a cohort that doesn’t typically spend time online or social media
– the ways in which you can educate and talk to an audience that need levels of awareness
– the importance of being an action taker as a small business owner
– the incredible power of reaching out to local celebrities and how to approach them

If you are wanting to get a big dose of courage and feel inspired to move the needle further in your business, then this is the podcast episode for you!

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Bec McFarland

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Bec McFarland is a career and business coach, who is passionate about helping you feel more fulfilled by your work. When she is not working she is... working... or spending time with her husband, family, doggo and bearded dragons.


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Being Brave and Hosting a Conference

Being Brave and Hosting a Conference
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