Recycled Eco White Felt Dangles

$20.00 including GST

40mm (4cm/1.57 inch) timber stud with with 30mm (3cm/1.18 inch) felt dangle. These are extremely lightweight.

The felt components are hand cut from industrial discards sourced from Reverse Garbage. The felt has been coated with upholstery protector to maintain its look and cleanliness. All other materials are new. Earring posts and fittings are stainless steel and lead, nickel and cadmium free – perfect for sensitive skin.

Only 1 left in stock

Earrings are hand-made by a talented soul in Brisbane, who often makes jewellery from recycled products. As a result, pieces are available in limited quantities and often only one is available.

Please be aware that colours display differently on different computer monitors.