Pop Your Business Journals

$20.00 including GST

The Pop Your Business Journals are fabric covered notebooks with the community’s favourite quotes from none other than Bec McFarland! Available in there colours, these journals are set to be a favourite as they have sassy messages applicable for any business owner.

Our professional photos are on their way – we couldn’t wait to get these into the shop!

The Pop Your Business Journals measure 13.5cm by 8.5cm and include 132 pages. The first half of the journal has lined pages and the second half of the journal has blank pages to allow for mind-mapping, brainstorming and doodling.

The Pop Your Business Journals come in three colours; blue, pink and grey. They have the following quotes embossed in silver:

Blue – “If you have a solution to someone’s problem and you don’t share it with them because you don’t want to be “salesy”, then you’re a jerk. Don’t be a jerk.”

Pink – “The best way to manage imposter syndrome is to remember that it’s not about you. Focus on the value you have to offer.”

Grey – “Content is life is content is life is content. And don’t you forget it.”


Blue – Don't be a jerk, Pink – Imposter syndrome, Grey – Content is life