Launch Yo’ Thang

$400.00 including GST

Launch Yo’ Thang is part course, part group coaching program. It is run live to allow you to have the full experience of launching with the support of this intensive incubator-style group. Our next round of Launch Yo’ Thang is commencing on Wednesday 27 July 2022!


When was the last time you launched something in your business? 

If your answer is NEVER or MORE THAN A MONTH AGO, then we need to talk! It’s time to Launch Yo’ Thang!

Launch Yo’ Thang is a four week launch incubator that encompasses both training and group coaching. You’ll have full support throughout the program to learn everything you need to know about launching AND you’ll actually Launch Yo’ Thang before the end of the program! Yep – you’ll be ready to welcome your new clients and customers with open arms by the time we finish. 

AND to make this an even more special experience, I’ll be launching alongside you!


  • Let it be easy
  • Increase your launch energy
  • Launch with abundance
  • Attract the RIGHT clients
  • Get regular feedback
  • Learn how to launch fast
  • Get your message out there
  • Avoid tech headaches
  • Develop a launch plan
  • Learn to love launching
  • Build your audience
  • Make some moolah!
  • Increase your visibility
  • Launch with friends
  • Launch like a boss!

Watch the video below for more information


  • 4 x value-packed modules of training content delivered live on Zoom – replays will be available in the Facebook Group if you can’t make it live!
  • 4 x weeks of group coaching support for you to take what you’ve learned, implement it, seek feedback and tweak as necessary
  • A bonus group coaching call in the fifth week, to allow you to ask any final questions or get support with delivery
  • A Facebook community where course content will be delivered. This is a totally safe space for you to ask questions, seek feedback, get extra support and communicate with myself and other course participants
  • $400 AUD one off payment with access to the program for as long as the program exists (at least 12 months!)


1. Launch Planning

Launch planning can be a real pain in the backside. Or it can be easy. In this module, I’ll be sharing my own launch plan and helping you to understand how to launch with ease. You’ll also be planning your own launch because as we know, if you fail to plan, you plan to fail!

2. Launch Tech

The tech is often the thing that holds my clients back from launching. Until now. In week 2 we’ll be covering the tech that you need and how you can minimise your need for lots of different programs, in order to make your launch both easy and cost-effective.

3. Launch Promotion

This isn’t a Kevin Costner film and if you build it, they most definitely won’t come. But if you promote your launch effectively and authentically, your milkshake will bring all your ideal clients to the yard. You feel me? Let’s promote your message without it feeling skeezy!

4. Opening the Doors

Yep – you’re actually going to Launch Yo’ Thang! In the final week, we’ll open the doors and welcome your new clients in with open arms. I’ll be here to support you along the way and guide you through any launch glitches – they do happen, but they don’t have to derail you!


What if I’ve never launched anything before… is this program okay for me?

Yes! Absolutely! Whether you’re brand new to launching or you’re looking for ways to up your launch-game, this program is for you. I’ll be teaching the methods I use when launching and supporting you every step of the way. Got a product, service, offering, business or something else you want to launch? Let’s Launch Yo’ Thang!

What if I’m technically challenged?

No worries. I gotchu. As far as I’m concerned, you don’t need a massive software stack and loads of crazy integrations to have a successful launch. I’ll show you how I do it. With minimal tech and a shoestring budget.

What if I don’t know what I want to launch yet?

This program is pretty full-on. Right from Week 1, we’ll be diving into your launch plan, so ideally you’ll have some idea about what you want to launch. But – if your idea isn’t fully formed, that is also okay. I’m here to help you bake your idea to perfection and get your message out there to the people who need it!

I’ve already completed some of your other programs. Is this still suitable for me?

All the content in Launch Yo’ Thang is brand new. We’ll be talking about new concepts, new methods and this is not like any of the other programs I’ve run. Launch Yo’ Thang is intensive – when I say we can let it be easy, it doesn’t mean it’s without work. So you will want to make sure you have some time to actually implement your learnings. 

What if I can’t make it to the live sessions?

All sessions will be delivered live using Zoom (a video conferencing platform), except for the Opening Ceremony, which will be a Facebook Live. All recordings will be uploaded into the Launch Yo’ Thang Facebook group, where all the course content is housed. Videos will be kept up so that you can come back and watch them later. You’ll also have an opportunity to ask questions before and after each session – I’ll make sure you don’t miss out!

What if I can’t keep up with the schedule?

I get it, life happens. This program is designed to be an incubator with everyone launching at the same time. This will help us to build momentum and cheerlead each other throughout the process. In saying this, if you prefer to go it alone and do it in your own timeframe, that is also okay. I’ll still be around to answer any questions and guide you through the process!

Will you really be launching alongside us?

You betcha! I’ve got a very exciting new program up my sleeve that I’m excited to launch. In Launch Yo’ Thang, I’ll be letting you in behind the scenes of my own launch. I’ll show you exactly what I’m doing, I’ll share my figures with you and lift the curtain on the back end of my business. I’m not shy about sharing my secrets, so if you want to know exactly how I launch so often and call the perfect clients into my programs, you’ll want to check this out!

I’ve got more questions…

Great! Flick me an email at and let’s chat!


Hi there, I’m Bec McFarland and I’ll be your teacher, coach and launching bestie throughout Launch Yo’ Thang. I’ve been running my business, Pop Your Career, for the past 5 years and during this time, I’ve launched lots of things with varying levels of success. I believe there is a lot for you to learn, through both my successful launches and my failures, which is why I’m delivering this program.

I’ve got a super relaxed teaching style and my main aim is to make you feel right at home – Launch Yo’ Thang is a safe place for you to ask questions, seek feedback, share ideas, collaborate and much, much more.


Week 1 - Launch Planning

Live Calls via Zoom:

  • Launch Planning Training (60 minutes) - Wednesday 27 July, 1pm AEST
  • Group Coaching Call (90-120 minutes) - Friday 29 July, 3pm AEST

Week 2 - Launch Tech

Live Calls via Zoom:

  • Launch Planning Training (60 minutes) - Tuesday 2 August, 12pm AEST
  • Group Coaching Call (90-120 minutes) - Thursday 4 August, 11:30am AEST
  • Week 3 - Launch Promotion

    Live Calls via Zoom:

  • Launch Planning Training (60 minutes) - Tuesday 9 August, 2pm AEST
  • Group Coaching Call (90-120 minutes) - Friday 12 August, 10am AEST
  • Week 4 - Opening the Doors

    Live Calls via Zoom:

  • Launch Planning Training (60 minutes) - Monday 15 August, 1pm AEST
  • Group Coaching Call (90-120 minutes) - Thursday 18 August, 12pm AEST
  • BONUS Week

    Live Calls via Zoom:

    • Group Coaching Call (90-120 minutes) - Wednesday 24 August, 1pm AEST