The Pop Your Business Essential Oil Collection

$95.00 including GST

This collection of four essential oil blends, Get Shit Done, Calm Your Farm, Brave in Business and Create-ness, has been carefully curated by a qualified aromatherapist to support you through all of the ups and downs of business. Whether you diffuse your oils in an electric diffuser, inhale directly from the bottle or dilute with a carrier oil and use on your body, the Pop Your Business Essential Oil Collection will no doubt be a staple in your business tool-kit. 

When you purchase the Pop Your Business Essential Oil Collection, you will receive one 10mL bottle of each of the four blends, beautifully packaged in your choice of an orange or blue gift box.

The Pop Your Business Essential Oil Collection consists of the following four blends:





Get Shit Done

Looking for a little motivation or an extra bit of pep in your step? The Get Shit Done blend is all about knuckling down and doing the work. When your mind is hazy or your persistence seems to have left the building, Get Shit Done will help you do exactly that. Get Shit Done. 

The following oils were thoughtfully blended by our aromatherapist, Michelle Cochrane, to create the Get Shit Done blend.


Basil can be used to clear the head, energising and strengthening the mind when we are faced with mental and intellectual fatigue.   It is perfect for studying  - helping concentration, while also opening up our mind to receive knowledge and ideas.  Basil can give us ambition and drive to pursue our goals, while also stimulating us to come up with new ideas.   It brings qualities of energy, confidence, decisiveness and efficiency, to help us work through tasks with ease.


Rosemary gives us the energy and confidence to put our ideas and creative energy into action.  It can relieve mental fatigue and exhaustion, instead replacing it with energy, determination and a sense of purpose.  Rosemary is a brain stimulant that helps concentration, memory and mental performance.  It provides us with motivation and confidence, energy and excitement to achieve our goals.


Peppermint helps us to connect with our purpose in life and stay on track, moving forwards with a sense of purpose.  It can both relieve fatigue and improve our mood, to help us perform at our best on every level.  Peppermint helps us to stay clear-headed, alert and improves concentration and motivation.  It installs a strong work ethic, encouraging us to work towards our goals in an efficient manner and overcoming obstacles and challenges that we may meet along the way.


Lemon oil brings with it a positive and self-confident approach to life.  This allows a sense of strength and calm when dealing with the stresses and strains of everyday life, or dealing with difficult situations.  Lemon oil is great for lifting the spirits during periods of mental fatigue, replacing it with energy, joy and enthusiasm.  It clears the head and allows us to concentrate on the task at hand, to achieve positive results.


Cinnamon oil brings a sense of warmth, enthusiasm and energy, helping us to connect with our inner emotions and find out what drives and motivates us.  The spiciness of cinnamon is warming, revitalising and awakening.  It helps to spark a fire inside of us, driving us forward to achieve.  Cinnamon stimulates the mind, giving us the energy we need to work hard and produce results.

Black Pepper

Black pepper provides mental and emotional stamina at times when we feel drained, and lacking the energy to keep moving forward.  It provides order, keeping us moving in the right direction to achieve results.  Black pepper helps us to motivate ourselves and others.  It aids concentration, focus and attention to detail, sharpening the mind and driving us to work hard and strive for perfection.

Gift box

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