Create-ness Essential Oil

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Create-ness is a flow of creation that enhances your message, engages with your customers and increases your income. It is the way you give value, share your ideas and communicate with your audience. The Create-ness essential oil is all about cultivating your Create-ness mindset and getting you in the zone for epic creation.

Create-ness is packaged in a 10mL glass bottle for your enjoyment.

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The following oils were thoughtfully blended by our aromatherapist, Michelle Cochrane, to create the Create-ness blend.


Fragonia connects us to our higher state of consciousness and a sense of something that there is greater than us.  This can create great shifts in our psyche.  Fragonia is connected to the Third Eye Chakra, allowing us to see with new eyes, gain new insights.  It helps us build our awareness and opens up our intuition and wisdom.  It gives us the ability to learn from experience and gain emotional intelligence.

White Cypress

White cypress opens our intuition and opens us to guidance from higher realms.   A light, uplifting and refreshing oil, it helps to lighten the burdens that are weighing us down through life to that we can free our minds and souls, creating a clear channel for our intuition and guidance.   Whether we draw ideas from within our subconscious or whether they enter us from a higher plane, white cypress gives us the ability to receive these ideas, recognise them and bring them into reality.

Black Pepper

Black pepper motivates us and drives us forward to create our dreams and pursue our goals.  It gives us the courage and strength to trust our intuition, and the willpower to see things through.  Black pepper encourages order and attention to detail, aiding concentration and keeping us on track.  It dissolves energy blockages and helps us to move forward when we are feeling stuck.


Cinnamon oil brings a sense of warmth, enthusiasm and energy, helping us to connect with our inner emotions and find out what drives and motivates us.  The spiciness of cinnamon is warming, revitalising and awakening.  It helps to spark a fire inside of us, driving us forward to achieve.  Cinnamon stimulates the mind, giving us the energy we need to work hard and produce results.


Mandarin fills us with feelings of hope and optimism for the future, full of the joys of life.  It helps to eliminate negative emotions, distractions and avoidance patterns that threaten to derail us.   At the same time, mandarin disrupts thought patterns in a way that can lead to creative breakthroughs.  It gives us a sense of excitement and joy about what is to come.

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