Calm Your Farm Essential Oil

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Calm Your Farm is for those moments when you’re feeling a little extra stressy and you need to pull yourself together. It’s all about calming the nerves and settling in to relax. Sometimes what you really need is to take a step away from your work and ease your mind. Calm Your Farm is here for you in those times. 

Calm Your Farm is packaged in a 10mL glass bottle for your enjoyment.

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The following oils were thoughtfully blended by our aromatherapist, Michelle Cochrane, to create the Calm Your Farm blend.


Bergamot is both calming and uplifting.   It can lighten our heart and soul at times when life feels dark.  It brings us harmony when we are feeling anxiety, confusion, mood swings, frustration or irritability.   Bergamot brings a joyful approach to life, free of negativity that can drain our energy and weigh us down.  It soothes our restlessness and calms our mind and soul.


Nerolina is gently refreshing and uplifting, bringing a sense of lightness, optimism, and relief from worry.   It can relieve overthinking, mental confusion, stress and worry.  Nerolina brings with it a sense of calm, peace and certainty, freeing us from the feelings of anxiety, fear and worry that stop us from relaxing and switching off.

Clary Sage

Clary sage is deeply relaxing, helping us to switch our mind off, rest, sleep and dream – allowing us to heal and grow.  It helps us to get through tough times, when external pressure and stresses get too much to handle.  Clary sage relieves feelings of anxiety, stress and nervous tension – giving us the chance to recover from the symptoms of nervous tension and mental exhaustion.  It brings feelings of calm, happiness and inner peace.


Lavender has a balancing and harmonising effect on the nervous system, which helps us to cope in times of stress – both physical and emotional.  It has a sedating action to calm the mind in times of agitation, worry, anxiety and nervous tension.   Lavender warms the heart and encourages us to nurture ourselves, taking care of our own emotional wellbeing.  It provides us with the ability to create an internal sanctuary where we can escape from the world to relax, instead entering a state of calm and peace.