$80.00 including GST

BRAVE is a 14 day experience, delivered by email, straight to your inbox. It includes videos, worksheets and everything you need to understand how stepping out of your comfort zone can benefit you – and how to do it with intention.

BRAVE is also included in Bec’s Business Besties, which you can find out more information about, here.


  • Have you been keeping yourself small in your career or business? 
  • Do you need a nudge (or a swift push!) in the right direction? 
  • Is there something you're craving, but you've been holding back because it's out of your comfort zone? 

If so, BRAVE is the program for you. We're gonna quit playing small and launch you out of your comfort zone, full of energy and ready to look your challenges directly in the eye - we're not stepping down!


  • Start a business
  • Improve your public speaking
  • Become a thought leader 
  • Smash your goals
  • Interview like a boss
  • Negotiate effectively
  • Show up on social media
  • Change your career path
  • Improve your confidence
  • Be more spontaneous
  • Be more assertive
  • Promote your business
  • Develop a personal brand
  • Learn a new skill
  • Challenge yourself

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What you'll get when you join BRAVE: 

  • A daily email for 14 days, outlining each day's tasks
  • A daily video for 14 days with advice, encouragement and the nudge you need to take action!
  • Worksheets, resources and articles to support you on your journey to step outside of your comfort zone
  • Bonus actions if you like a little woo-woo or spirituality in your goal setting practice
  • BRAVE is available on demand - you will begin to receive content delivered to your inbox on the day you sign up

What BRAVE will cover:

1. Setting your goal

This program is not about stepping outside your comfort zone for the sake of it! We'll get really clear about what you want to achieve in your career or business and what you need to do to make it happen!

2. Planning your moves

Now that you know WHAT you need to do, we'll talk about the HOW. We'll put together a clear plan about how you're going to tackle your challenge and make sure you stay on track to achieving your goal!

3. Taking imperfect action

All that's left to do is to BE BRAVE and TAKE ACTION! But don't worry, you'll be supported, encouraged and shown exactly how to make the most of the actions you take (and how to celebrate them!).

Questions and answers...

What if I’m not ready to be THROWN out of my comfort zone and I just want to dip my toe in?

Any step is a good step, my friend. The point of BRAVE is to help show you that the things that seem hard to you aren’t that hard after all and that with intentional action, practice and the right cheerleader in your corner, you can be unstoppable when it comes to your goals. The more willing and open you are, the better results you’ll get, but as you’ll have access to the content for life (it’s all there in your email inbox), you can dip a toe in now and maybe throw yourself in the deep end next time!

I’m a busy human. How much time will BRAVE take me to complete?

First of all, the word “busy” isn’t serving you, so how about instead of busy, you focus on being productive #justsaying. Secondly, I hear you. We all have a lot on our plates and the last thing you need is another program that is super complex and way too time-consuming to complete. BRAVE will take you approximately 15 minutes each day, but I note that if you want to go deeper and commit more time to your goal, that's totally okay. I strongly believe that almost everybody can find an extra 15 minutes in their day - if not, are you actually committed to achieving results?

What if I fall behind or miss a day?

Here’s the thing. I always believe that you are right on time, so there isn’t really such a thing as “falling behind”. Complete the content when you can and if you miss a day, just keep working through the lessons in order until you’re finished. In saying this, I don’t want you to be using what I’ve just said as an excuse (“Bec said we’re always right on time, so it won’t matter if I don’t start until next week…”). I get it, sometimes life happens, but if you’re not moving forward because of fear or there’s something else blocking your path, I want you to email me and I’ll send you a virtual bum-kicking!

Will the content be practical, spiritual or a mix of both?

The content in BRAVE is totally on the straight and narrow, so if you aren’t into anything woo-woo, you’ll be totally looked after. BUT if you do like a little woo in your stew, there will be bonus exercises for you to complete to align your work in BRAVE with your own spiritual practices (or to help you create new ones!).


Hi there, I’m Bec McFarland and I’ll be your teacher and coach throughout BRAVE. One thing I do really well, is helping my clients to step outside of their comfort zone. I know what it takes and I know you have it within you to really step up and make some changes in your career and/or business. 

Throughout the program, I'll be appearing on video to provide you with some motivation, inspiration and a gentle kick in the pants to challenge yourself and get the most from this program. But most of all, I'm here to believe in you! And I know how much impact that can have when you're trying something new. 

What my clients are saying

If you are looking to be pushed along towards your dreams, then Bec is the girl for you! She always manages to give a nudge at just the right time, in just the right direction. The first time Bec identified where I needed to step outside my comfort zone, she gave me options on how I could do it so that I could grow into a better coach, trainer and speaker while feeling totally in control. The confidence gained through simply stepping outside my comfort zone is unbelievable. If you haven’t had the chance to work with Bec and you want a taste of what she is like, then the BRAVE program is definitely one that you want to jump into to see what you can achieve.


Life Coach and Resilience Expert

I was at a crossroads when I first came to Bec. I was feeling lost and confused about my purpose in life and where I wanted my career to go.

Bec helped me identify my goals, mapped out the future of my business and challenged me to step outside my comfort zone and deliver a 20 minute speech, to a room full of strangers about my journey.

Without Bec's support and guidance I would never have had the courage to step up and tell my story. The confidence and self belief that I gained from working with Bec has been invaluable, both socially and in business.


Dessert Artist and Mental Health Advocate

I can't highly recommend Bec enough because she is such an amazing career coach. She doesn't only help you with your career but also the way you see things. She has helped me change my mindset and headspace which has helped with my confidence and the way I view things.


Public Servant and Photographer

Working with Bec, she has helped me step up and be more visible as the face of my brand. She recently challenged me to drop into my Instagram stories consistently over a two week period. Doing so would usually be way outside my comfort zone, but with Bec's support and encouragement it didn't seem as daunting. Now the challenge is over, I'm still showing up and with a little more confidence!


Tapestry Weaver