Business in the Backseat

$300.00 including GST

Business in the Backseat is my latest program designed to support you in making business easier. It is part course, part group coaching program, allowing you to implement as you learn with all the support you need. We kick off on Monday 18 October – session times will be announced before the program begins, but replays are available for all sessions!


Do you find business hard? I mean, does the business "stuff" get in the way of you doing the work that really lights you up? If you answered, "yes", then you've already got lots in common with most of my clients. You see, the people I work with are looking for ways to feel more fulfilled by their work. And usually this means putting your business in the backseat, so that you can drive.


  • Learn how to let business be easy
  • Find better work life balance
  • Do more of the work you love
  • Experience less stress
  • Reduce your overwhelm
  • Start or grow your team
  • Automate without the headache
  • Develop supportive workflows
  • Open up your creativity
  • Have more control
  • Understand your priorities
  • Know where you're headed
  • Experience more success
  • Make more money
  • Have a great time doing it!


  • 4 x value-packed modules of pre-recorded training content outlining how to have success using the Business in the Backseat Framework.
  • 4 x weeks of group coaching support for you to take what you’ve learned, implement it, seek feedback and tweak as necessary
  • A bonus group coaching call in the fifth week, to allow you to ask any final questions
  • Bonus technical training videos demonstrating how to implement what I suggest throughout the program
  • A Facebook community where course content will be delivered. This is a totally safe space for you to ask questions, seek feedback, get extra support and communicate with myself and other course participants
  • $300 AUD payment in full


1. Setting your business priorities & goals

All opportunities are not created equal and you don't HAVE to do anything. In the first week, we will look at what you want to achieve over the next 12 months and will set your business priorities so that you have a clear view of what you're working on. We will also work through your goals, to ensure that your goals are aligned with your priorities and the growth of your business. 

2. Assessing & making sense of your work

What do you have on your plate at the moment? If you're anything like my clients, you don't really know. All you know is that you have a never-ending to-do list and a constant feeling of overwhelm because of all the business "stuff" that needs to be done. In the second week, we will take a look at everything on your to-do list and proactively reduce the tasks that don't give you energy.

3. Systems, processes & automations

This is where the meat and potatoes of the program is. In the third week, we will put together systems, processes, workflows and automations that will support you in taking some of the work off your plate. Find the idea daunting? Don't. I'll be supplying templates and showing you how to use automation software to support you in reducing your workload. I'm here for you every step of the way.

4. Outsourcing & growing your team

You don't need to have a big team in order to be successful. But I do recommend hiring for the skills you need in your business and investing in your own sanity. In the final week of the program, we'll be diving into the who, what, when, where, how and why of outsourcing. And I'll show you how to make the process as seamless and painless as possible. 


When does the program start?

We officially kick off on Monday 18 October 2021, but I'll be dropping into the Facebook group the week before to welcome you all and give you a little bit of pre-work to whet your appetite! 

What days and times will the group coaching sessions be?

In the interests of being as inclusive as possible, I'll be running a Facebook poll inside the Business in the Backseat Group, to see which times suit our participants. From here we will craft a schedule that attempts to allow as many of you to come to the live sessions as possible.

What if I'm new to business… is this program okay for me? 

Yes! Absolutely! The best time to implement the Business in the Backseat Framework is today, regardless of when you started your business. If you're new to business, this program will support you in setting up the appropriate systems from the get go.

What if I’m technically challenged?

No worries. I gotchu. As far as I’m concerned, you don’t need a massive software stack and loads of crazy integrations to have a successful business. I’ll show you how I do it. With minimal tech and a shoestring budget.

I’ve already completed some of your other programs. Is this still suitable for me?

All the content in Business in the Backseat is brand new. We’ll be talking about new concepts, new methods and this is not like any of the other programs I’ve run. Business in the Backseat is intensive – when I say we can let it be easy, it doesn’t mean it’s without work. So you will want to make sure you have some time to actually implement your learnings. 

What if I can’t make it to the live sessions?

All live group coaching sessions will be delivered using Zoom (a video conferencing platform). Recordings will be uploaded into the Business in the Backseat Facebook group, where all the course content is housed. Videos will be kept up so that you can come back and watch them later. You’ll also have an opportunity to ask questions before and after each session – I’ll make sure you don’t miss out! Our training videos for this program will be pre-recorded and loaded into the Facebook group each Monday so that you can watch them at your leisure. 

What if I can’t keep up with the schedule?

I get it, life happens. This program is designed to for you to implement as you learn, but if you can't make it to the sessions, the content will live on in the Facebook Group and will be just as helpful if you're watching the replays. I’ll still be around to answer any questions and guide you through the process!

I’ve got more questions…

Great! Flick me an email at and let’s chat!


Hi there, I’m Bec McFarland and I’ll be your teacher, coach and business bestie throughout Business in the Backseat. I’ve been running my business, Pop Your Career, for the past 6 years and during this time, I've nerded out on all the coolest business tools, methods and techniques. Now is my opportunity to pass that knowledge on, with my own perspective of running two successful businesses. 

I’ve got a super relaxed teaching style and my main aim is to make you feel right at home – Business in the Backseat is a safe place for you to ask questions, seek feedback, share ideas, collaborate and much, much more.


Welcome Week - Opening Ceremony (Week commencing 11 October 2021)

Facebook Live:

  • Opening Ceremony (60 minutes) – the Opening Ceremony will be delivered over Facebook Live in the group. In this session, I’ll be sharing my philosophies about letting business be easy and giving you some pre-work to do to be ready for Week 1!

Week 1 - Setting your business priorities & goals (Week commencing 18 October 2021)

Pre-recorded training:

  • Setting your business priorities & goals Training (60-90 minutes)

Live call via Zoom:

  • Group Coaching Call (60-90 minutes)

Week 2 - Assessing & making sense of your work (Week commencing 25 October 2021)

Pre-recorded training:

  • Assessing & making sense of your work Training (60-90 minutes)

Live call via Zoom:

  • Group Coaching Call (60-90 minutes)

Week 3 - Systems, processes & automations (Week commencing 1 November 2021)

Pre-recorded training:

  • Systems, processes & automations Training (60-90 minutes)

Live call via Zoom:

  • Group Coaching Call (60-90 minutes)

Week 4 - Outsourcing & growing your team (Week commencing 8 November 2021)

Pre-recorded training:

  • Outsourcing & growing your team (60-90 minutes)

Live call via Zoom:

  • Group Coaching Call (60-90 minutes)

BONUS Week (Week commencing 15 November 2021)

Live call via Zoom:

  • Group Coaching Call (60-90 minutes)


Bec has transformed the way I feel about my business and my place within it. I cannot thank her enough and would recommend her to anyone who feels they need a boot in their career or business. She's amazing!

Holly Diggle

Bec, you’ve made ‘putting myself back out there’ in the on-line world much less daunting for me, thank you. I’m so grateful that you and your courses came along when they did and I wish you continued success in your international business. I’d have no hesitation recommending you and your courses to others.

Clare Legge

You'll be glad you found the marvellous Bec McFarland in Pop Your Business. In case you don't know her, Bec is fabulous to work with. She is full of great ideas, helpful hints and value packed programs. Add to that her vivacious, fun loving personality and it's a magic carpet ride!!! So glad that I found Bec, I've done all her recent courses and they have all been jam packed full of gold!

Alyson Williams


My previous course students will tell you that VALUE is my middle name. So here are some bonuses you'll receive as part of the Business in the Backseat Program: 


My 6 month plan workbook - This workbook provides you with an opportunity to plan out the next 6 months in your business and ensure that you're focused on your key priorities. 


My procedure templates - Why reinvent the wheel if you don't have to! I'll be sharing the templates I use to document procedures and workflows within my business. 


My automation recipes - Not quite sure where to start with automation? Don't worry. I'll be sharing all of my automation recipes so that you have some ideas about how you can jump on the automation bandwagon.


My hiring and onboarding process - Hiring can be daunting. As a recruitment expert, I'm keen to share my own processes and how I recruit, onboard and continue to engage my team. This will help you whether you're hiring your tenth or your one hundredth team member!