Bec’s Business Besties

From: $100.00 including GST / month with 1 month free trial

Bec’s Business Besties is my favourite place on the internet. It is the most fabulous community of small business owners, which comes with a library of courses, regular training, group coaching, exclusive events, discounts and so much more!



What is Bec's Business Besties exactly? Well, it is an online membership. But it's also so much more...

Bec's Business Besties offers mastermind vibes for membership prices. You'll get access to a community of amazing, soul-led business owners who are all focused on doing exactly what you are - doing your work in the world without getting bogged down in business BS. 

As part of this community, you'll have access to regular group coaching and mastermind sessions, as well as fortnightly workshops and the opportunity to build relationships with other like-minded individuals. And if that's not enough, I'm also giving you access to a library of my most popular courses, brand new courses that will only be available to the Bec's Business Besties community AND a whopping 50% off all of the additional courses I create during your membership. 

Does that sound unreal or what? 

Sign up today and you'll get immediate access to a Facebook group that is already loaded up with value AND our first group coaching call is just around the corner. You in?


  • Be part of a community
  • Build your business
  • Learn new skills
  • Let business be easy
  • Get some accountability
  • Overcome mindset challenges
  • Become more visible
  • Be proud of your business
  • Make a plan to scale
  • Receive business coaching
  • Spark your momentum
  • Have a safe space to share
  • Tap into my energy regularly
  • Access my best courses
  • Do better and be better
  • Make more money
  • Overcome challenges
  • Find your business besties!



What if I am completely new to business... will this membership be right for me?

It sure will! Bec's Business Besties is suitable for you if you're a new or early-stage business owner, or someone with an established business who is looking to get their business "stuff" more under control. We will have loads of content and support available to help you with specific issues you're experiencing, as well as plenty of ideas and inspiration about how you can let business be easier. 

What if I’m technically challenged?

I've got you. A lot of my clients find themselves struggling with technology, but just like everything else, I endeavour to make it easy. Whenever I'm talking about specific software, I provide detailed video walkthroughs so that you can watch me navigate the system and refer back to it whenever you need. If you're still having issues, just let me know and we can workshop it on a group coaching call!

Is Bec's Business Besties about developing skills or managing mindset in business?

We're covering both, because BOTH are very important in business! I've been in business now for over five years and during that time, I've realised I am quite the nerd! Because of this, I'm able to offer you access to my own wealth of knowledge and experience and help you to develop ways of doing business that suit you and your needs. I'll be teaching specific skills in some of my workshops and in other workshops we'll be focused on working through mindset challenges. As a DISC Advanced Accredited Consultant and Facilitator and NLP Master Practitioner, I have a tool-belt full of skills to support you with your mindset, to help you take your business to new heights. 

I've already completed some of your programs, should I still sign up? 

Absolutely! Bec's Business Besties is so jam-packed full of value that I just know you'll get loads out of it. If you've already done some of my programs you may be wondering how you can continue to tap into my energy on an ongoing basis without having to continuously buy courses and sign up to programs - this is it! I'll be channeling the bulk of my energy and content creation into this group moving forward, so there'll be loads of training, coaching and laughs! 

What if I can’t make it to the live sessions?

All workshops/trainings and group coaching sessions will be recorded and replays will be stored inside the Bec's Business Besties community. I'll be varying the times each week to encourage as much live participation as possible and will regularly poll the group to find the best time to deliver these sessions. I'll be doing my absolute best to make sure everyone is covered! 

I’ve got more questions…

Great! Flick me an email at and let’s chat!


1. A beautiful community of business besties

The community aspect of my programs is one of the things I'm most often commended for. I have a knack for bringing awesome, like-minded people together and creating a safe space for them to learn, get support, vent, share ideas, get feedback and cheerlead each other as we celebrate our successes. This is why we're business besties. 

2. Group coaching/mastermind calls

Want some extra support, advice or encouragement in your business? Each fortnight we hold group coaching calls over Zoom to address any challenges you're experiencing. Members can apply to hop into the hot seat, to get personalised attention from myself and the rest of the group. Call times will vary each fortnight to meet members' availability.

3. Fortnightly training

Each fortnight I'll be sharing a workshop where I will teach business skills and mindset management. These workshops will be held over Facebook Live or Zoom and if you can't make it live, you can always catch the replay! As a members, you have the opportunity to request workshop topics and provide feedback on what's working for you. Workshop times are varied to encourage as much live participation as possible.

4. A library of courses and workshops at your fingertips

Bec's Business Besties get access to a range of my previously run courses and workshops that are already loaded into the Facebook group and ready to go. You also get access to new and exclusive courses and workshops that will only be available to the Bec's Business Besties community. The courses and workshops already included are: 

  • Canva Creations
  • Brand Beautiful
  • Let's Get Social
  • It's Trello Time
  • Teamwork Makes the Dream Work
  • Visibility Queen

5. Discounts on other courses

Occasionally I will release a program that won't be included in the Business Besties Membership. These will generally be larger programs with a specific focus. As one of my business besties, I'll be offering you a special sign-up link for any of these programs that take your fancy, with a whopping 50% discount for being part of my inner circle. 

6. Options to upgrade

There is an option for Bec's Business Besties members to upgrade their membership and get 1:1 access to me through my coaching program, Fast Forward, at a discounted rate. This program offers you a chance to get individual mentoring with me during 1:1 coaching sessions and through Voxer, a voice messaging app. 


Hi there, I'm Bec McFarland and I'll be your teacher, coach and business bestie. 

I originally launched my business, Pop Your Career, in 2015 and have built a successful career coaching practice during this time. In early 2020, I launched my second business, Pop Your Business, after business coaching in secret for about 12-18 months - I'm finally ready to come out and claim the title! 

What I am constantly hearing from my clients is that they struggle with keeping on top of all the business "stuff". Most people I know didn't go into business to be a business owner - am I right? You started your business because you have a message, talent, skill, offering or passion. You want to be doing your work in the world, not sitting in your office pushing papers and dealing with admin tasks. 

This is why I created Bec's Business Besties. I'm all about helping you get the business "stuff under control, so that you can focus on doing the work that lights you up. Are you coming along for the ride? 


Bec’s Business Besties is the best group of women entrepreneurs I have joined. All the members are very helpful in supporting my business. Everyone is so friendly and fun. Bec herself is always supportive and open. Bec is a fountain of information and is always flowing with ideas we can implement in our business.

My business has grown 600% since I joined Besties and had coaching with Bec.

I highly recommend both Besties and 1:1 coaching with Bec if you want to grow your business.


Chief Creative Officer at Anna's Crystal Creations

I've recently joined Bec's Business Besties, which includes group coaching and mindset sessions with Bec McFarland. I love Bec's dry wit, no-nonsense, down to earth and real advice approach. This is not a botoxed, aspirational approach, but rather one that tells it how it is. I've obtained some great insights from Bec, but more than anything, I'm enjoying being part of a close-knit circle of women who help hold each other up through bad times and celebrate successes together.

Serina Bird

Founder of The Joyful Frugalista, The Joyful Fashionista and The Joyful Business Club